Project Details

Partium was made for students who don't want to miss out on the best parties happening on campus. To make this happen we are making Partium, a crowd sourced mobile app that acts as a map to find the nearest parties on your campus. To make this a reality, I first used the government's public database of colleges to collect necessary information for all the colleges in the US (name, address, longitude, latitude). Using this information, users can add specific parties to their selected college. When adding a party, users can provide certain information (place, time, duration, num guests, etc.) and once it's posted it becomes available to view on an in-application map for anyone under that college. To make sure users are safe, we also have a rating system with warnings to let users know how reliable a post is. Additionally, users can leave reviews/photos. With Partium, students no longer have to worry about FOMO and can always find the best party on campus.