I am Sri Jayakumar

Name: Sri Jayakumar

Profile: Software Engineer

Email: srijayakumar99@gmail.com

Resume: Download Here


Assembly 40%
AWS 65%
C/C++ 60%
Google Cloud Platform 50%
Golang 70%
Java 65%
JavaScript 85%
Python 80%
About me

For the past few years, I have been a significant member of the software space. Specifically, I have been active in the web development space, working at Yext to better the search experience for many big clients. In addition to frontend work, I've also gained experience in ETL work, transferring data from our clients to the Yext platform. I've gained many technical skills and experience with many tools/frameworks/languages React, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Go, AWS, GCP, and more. Additionally, I've had the chance to grow my soft skills by getting involved with mentoring, interviewing, contributing to the codebase, scoping items, and more.

I've also worked at Amazon, where I developed a serverless website used for IP management to allow our clients to request for designated IP space for whatever they may need(more details can be found in the Projects tab).

I'm very interested in full stack work, cloud computing, cyber security, etc. And I'm always looking for chances to gain new experiences and to push myself down different paths. Below you can find a slice of the many things I've experienced and learn a little more about my career.


Some of the skills and services I bring to the table.

Web Development

Have experience developing websites using React, Django, pure HTML/CSS/JS. Made static websites for many clients (Wells Fargo, Five Guys, etc.) as well as some web apps including this portfolio and a website that helps clients manage their IP space in Amazon.

Cloud Technologies

Experienced with AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Used these services to allow clients easy access to data and provide fast communication between devices.


Managed the backend for applications, including developing REST APIs to access relevant information, orchestrating infrastructure to reliably scale based on sets of predefined rules, and even networking code for multiplayer games.


Developed many ETLs to transfer information from clients' servers to company platforms. Mainly used this information to populate a client's listing data, build sites, and construct search experiences.


Used SQL and NoSQL databases to store information for many projects. These include RDS, firestore, and realtime database. Have also setup standalone postgres linux instances for development purposes.






Some of the highlights in my career.

Mobile App


Partium is an app where college students can find the most popular parties going on around campus

Mobile App


Web and mobile application for UVA students to find the best restaurants near and around campus



Identyti is a personal storage application used to store identifying information to encourage the use of digital identification as opposed to hardcopies


Dogfish Website

During my Amazon internship, I helped my team develop a serverless website where our clients could manage their internal IP space.

Machine Learning

Image Classification Program

A neural network program that leverages Google's image classification network, in order to identify what the image is.

Web Development


A website where students can find study buddies to study with.


Thread Pool

Implemented a thread pool, which ran tasks across a fixed number of threads.

Mobile App

RSA Encryptor

An android application that allows users to send RSA encrypted messages through SMS.


Projectile Motion Calculator

iPhone app that can calculate both one dimensional and two dimensional projectile motion problems.

Hannah Mussi

Shoutout to Sri who is absolutely KILLING it with Wells Fargo development work. The pages are complex and the client has a lot of requirements but whenever I work with Sri I know the final result is going to be high quality and the attention to detail is going to be top notch. So excited to keep working with you!

Kate Edson

Huge shoutout to Sri for his amazing and thorough recent work on ETLs for Prisma Health and TD Bank! Thanks for always be willing to talk it out and work together to find the best solution for the client 🎉 ☺️

Alex Ginsberg

Sri has been doing an amazing job delivering high-quality work quickly and while dealing with end-of-quarter madness. Even though he's had to handle QA for multiple projects, some taking longer than anticipated, he didn't let his work on the LKQ Pages implementation suffer. He got the project ready for QA on time and with very little QA items needed

Hannah Mussi

I love love love working with Sri on projects. He has been such a trooper with challenging ETL projects for Wells Fargo and RSM, and going above and beyond to deliver awesome results. Thanks for being such a team player, Sri!

Natasha Pilipovic

I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Sri!!! Sri has been nothing but helpful in working on the Alshaya Starbucks pages implementation even with all the clients twists and turns! This project would be nowhere near as successful without all the work and effort Sri has put in and the pages look beautiful :') I cannot thank you enough Sri!